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No body wants to be that girl – the Addison, the Emily. Everyone wants to be the Rachel to someone, so figuring out if your guy is still hung up on his ex is a necessity to some extant. So, here are fifteen ways you can tell that he’s not totally over his ex. It may hurt to admit to yourself that he still has feelings for his ex, but, in the long run, it will hurt less than finding it out the hard way. Um, probably because he misses her! If he is talking about his ex all the time, that is a quick and easy way to tell that he really misses her.

5 Real Reasons Guys Cheat on Girlfriends

June 22, at 6: Before we were together she was in an on again, off again 10 year relationship with her ex bf. They broke up last July. We met while they were in a relationship. She let him in the house when he gave her flowers and when I was over I noticed that she had them in a vase.

– Not dating at all: One of the biggest indicators that an ex still loves me is if he or she hasn’t dated anyone else since you’ve broken up. If you’ve been separated for a while and they won’t go out with anyone else, they might still have only you in their heart.

So this girl and I went out for 9 months. Loved eachother, yadda yadda. We had been with other people before but neither of us actually loved anyone else before. The whole first love situation. So after we broke up I started my single life again to forget about her and after a while, It worked but it took 5 differnt girls to do so 2 of whom were her friends.

So its 6 months later now and she messages me out of the blue. She has a new boyfriend now and she says she wants to be friends with me again but not right now wtf?! Needless to say, I’m confused. Every once ina while around 20 days apart SHE will message me out of the blue and we’ll talk for a couple hours or maybe even the whole day and things will go great and then we won’t talk again for a while.

Btw, shes really into her own pride, i.

Dating someone still in love with ex

You want to know how to tell whether your ex-boyfriend still loves you. And if you want to get your ex back , there are 2 things you absolutely must do. First, you have to cut off contact with him for at least a month. No ifs, ands, or buts. This is the most important step towards getting your ex boyfriend back and making your ex boyfriend want you back.

There are definite signs that answer the question when should a guy stop pursuing a girl. Here are 12 signs plus advice on how to pursue a girl. she does, but other times she doesn’t. I’m just confused. if were just walking in the streets. she still talks about her ex when were together. im 22 and shes my first love. even if she.

In today’s world, it’s harder than ever to truly break up. Between phone calls, emails, IM’s, Facebook, Myspace Text-messaging of course, has become one of the most popular ways for people to keep in touch. If you dated your boyfriend for any length of time, odds are good you sent hundreds or even thousands of text-messages back and forth to each other over the course of your relationship. But what does it mean when your ex keeps on texting you, even after your romance is over?

Is he just being friendly? Or is your exboyfriend keeping that one important door to your relationship open, thinking he could one day use it if he decided that he wanted you back? Text-messages may seem like innocent contact, especially since they’re so impersonal. You don’t have the commitment of a phone call, and since there’s a delay in the back-and-forth communication you really get to think about what you’re going to say.

Yet at the same time, post-breakup texting isn’t all that innocent. When your boyfriend refuses to stop texting with you after breaking up, it’s a pretty safe bet that there’s always a motive behind it. Keeping an ex girlfriend on the other end of your phone is always a good idea, just in case you want to get together with her later on down the line.


Its very painful for me too, but you know what, as life goes on you can’t stop but to move on also! I too wonder if my ex is over me, I broke up with him 2 months ago , if he thinks of me, and if he got into that relationship not to feeel lonely, if he still loves me as he said I keep asking this questions to myself! I did love him, but its not always about him! It was his depression, his medication messed him entirely, and soon he didn’t want to go out, became obssessive wayyy too much and started to get violent!

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Next My girlfriend still talks to her ex-boyfriend? Today I saw my girlfriend had got a text from a guy, when I asked who, she said it was her ex who she went out with for two years , and that he’s been texting her for a couple days now. Nothing bad at all just casual stuff, but I immediately got uncomfortable about it and we talked.

I told her I’m not mad I told her I’m not mad but it definitely bothers me and I told her to tell him about me, because he didn’t know she has a boyfriend. She did, and the guy handled it pretty well and said I’m happy for you. We talked more and she says that she really has no interest in a relationship or anything with him at all, and that she loves me and wouldn’t be with me if it were different. He actually tried getting back with her while she was single to which she said no. But she does want to have small talk over text to see how he’s doing every now and then, but doesn’t want to see him or go hang out with him.

Does My Ex Girlfriend Still Love Me

Of course, if you did unfriend him or he unfriended you there is still a good shot that he will look at your profile down the road. Pictures Are Important Pictures are super important for creating interest in your boyfriend. Make sure you post pictures that show you having the time of your life!

If a girlfriend or boyfriend still loves their ex. Then most of the time it won’t work with you guys and best to just move on and both get on with your lives. The girl in this story got with her ex once I left and has been with him ever since/5(2K).

Are You Dating A Player? But the truth is a player can be that good. He has had years to perfect his skills, hone in on what women want, and give it to them in such small doses that they keep coming back for more. He is smart, handsome, and charismatic. He knows exactly what to say. Falling prey to his womanizing is easy. That is, unless you can spot the signs. He may not be doing all of these things, but if he is doing more than a few, you may have a player on your hands.

What does it mean my girlfriend always talks to her ex

I get how impossible it is to get over your ex-boyfriend. Well, it depends on the kind of ex. But you might know it by heart. Which kind of defeats the entire purpose. I mean really, how many times have you written out a long, heartfelt message — only to think about it later and decide to delete it? Or even worse… in a moment of irrationality, send it to him?

Ex boyfriend still talks to me even though he has a new girlfriend [ 15 Answers ] Okay, well here goes nothing. Well, my ex and I were engaged, he broke up with me, .

Elizabeth Davis on June 15, Image via www. Sometimes, even when the breakup was amicable, a lot of people endorse a no-communication and no-friendship rule with an ex. This is because scores of men and women who have been through every kind of relationship believe that maintaining a form of communication with an ex and having a certain level of friendship with your previous lover will never work for your benefit.

An ex is called an ex for a reason, particularly because you are crossing him or her out of your life. An ex is a ghost from your past life, and having constant communication with that entity is neither healthy for your ex nor you. However, if you really believe that being friends with your ex is possible, there are certain conditions you need to meet in order to keep your ex in your friendship circle. You have both decided that you are better off as friends than lovers.

Why He Keeps Talking to His Ex-Girlfriend